Wonjin Plastic Surgery (원진성형외과) For Christmas Present

아리텔쓰 0 118 2017.12.21 10:29

Christmas is coming soon!

And it means..

Santa is coming to town!!!


Just kidding!


I will still get a Christmas present though

Me and some friends actually having a 'Secret Santa' thingy

And I'm currently thinking

What should I buy for my friend

As far as I know

She likes beauty things like mask, skin care, etc

But I don't know much about it

I saw someone posting about a skin care product

From Wonjin Plastic Surgery (원진성형외과)

But too bad I didn't capture it

It looked good though

Now I'm looking for the info

But seems like I still can't find the info yet

Can I just find it if I go to Wonjin Plastic Surgery (원진성형외과)?

Or can I buy it online?


At Wonjin Plastic Surgery (원진성형외과) website?

I can't find it though :/


Well, I wish I can find it before D-Day

So I can buy it for my friend as Christmas present

Because I'm sure that she will like it




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