Drop By Wonjin Plastic Surgery To Buy Mask

아리텔쓰 0 67 2017.12.26 10:34

Merry Christmas!!



Yesterday was Christmas

But actually I didn't feel like one

Maybe it's because I was home for two days straight

From 24th to 25th

I supposed to meet a friend on a restaurant near Myeongdong though

But then I feel like too lazy to go outside

Instead I spent time to have a 'me time'

Wearing a mask pack, having a body scrub

While watching beauty related videos

You know, many beauty bloggers are posting their videos

Including a friend of mine who always shares tips

On how to do make-up for seasons

And I enjoy watching it

It makes me learn though I can't apply it



I remember I do have a mask pack from Wonjin Plastic Surgery

And it's so good!

You have to try it as well

I don't remember the exact name

But I believe the package is pink and blue-green (?)

Blue-green seems like the logo color of Wonjin Plastic Surgery itself

And it has water bomb or bomb mask


I guess I need to drop by the clinic

And see if I can find one

Do they sell it at their clinic?




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